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Sonic Xtreme
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Planned release

Dec 25 1996


3D isometric game

Sonic X-treme is a very famous cancelled video game that was supposed to be released for the Sega Saturn in Christmas of 1996, and was directed by Chris Senn and Chris Coffin. Sonic X-treme was also supposed to have a big task, which was to save the Saturn and be the first 3D Sonic game (Not counting Sonic 3D Blast).


The game was directed by Chris Senn and Chris Coffin.

Sonic X-treme had 6 zones in total, they were, Jade Gully, Crystal Frost, Red Sands, Blue Ocean, Metal Blade and Galaxy Fortress.

The game was to feature a new character called Tiara Booboski or Tiara B. The game would have a unique design to play the game. Instead of controlling Sonic, you control the level instead, or something like that. The playable characters were, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Tiara. The characters had different gameplay. Sonic would have a fish-eye's lense view, like the special stages in Knuckles Chaotics, Tails was going to have a first-person flight mode, and Knuckles and Tiara had a top-down side scrolling views.


Tiara B. Sonic Xtreme was the only game she appeared in. Meaning she was never in a released Sonic Game. But she can be seen in the Sonic Archie comics on a certain issue, certain comic, certain page, and a certain panel.

Sonic had new moves on his side, like the spin slash, ring throwing and a downward dash. Some other characters like Nack the Weasel and Metal Sonic were going to make a return.

The Development Of Sonic X-treme[]



There is another Sonic game that had a similar name called Sonic Extreme, which was a skateboarding game on the original Xbox.

Some people say that Sonic Lost World is Sonic X-treme. But is not due to theses things.

  1. In Sonic Lost World, Knuckles and Tiara were NOT playable character.
  2. The devolopers of Sonic Lost World knew absolutly nothing about Sonic X-treme.
  3. The release dates were completly different.
  4. Sonic Lost World has 7 zones, Sonic X-treme has 6 zones.