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Super Mario's Wacky World's was supposed to be a sequel to Super Mario World. The CD-I is infamous for the Zelda and Mario Games on the system. The game never got finished, but there is a lot of footage of gameplay on the wiki from Yuriofwind.


Instead of The Mushroom Kingdom, it was going to be taken place in various real life locations as well as a few original locations. There is ROMs that can be played, but, it is broken due to the fact that it was cancelled, so dying, falling out of bounds, goodies and other stuff was not added yet. The reason why the game was cancelled was that the CD-I had horrible sales. Philips wanted to make another Mario game, when Nintendo saw what Philips was doing, they were amused of what they were doing. Also Philips had the right to make Nintendo games on their consoles, because they were working on a add-on for the SNES, called the SNES CD, which was also cancelled. If you want a good Mario game on the CD-I, then this is the closest you can get. Its way better than shutting doors. You can play the game, if you know how to make the file playable on a emulator.

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  • The cancelled game gaven them their own Mario sprite.
  • Both the SNES CD and Super Mario's Wacky Worlds have something in common, they both have something to do with Nintendo and CD's, they both cancelled.
  • Because it takes on real places. It can be hard to find the plot and where it took place, such as the Mushroom Kingdom did not exist in this game.

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