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Swordquest Philosopher's Stone

An illustration of the Philosopher's Stone prize.

Swordquest Airworld was intended to be the final game in the Swordquest Series. The reason why this game got cancelled is because of the infamous Video Game Crash of 1983 and its predecessor Swordquest Waterworld is an extremely rare game. Because of the Video Game Crash, the Waterworld contest never happened and that's Airworld never got released. Just like the other games there was going to be a prize for it. The prize was going to be a Philosopher's Stone encrusted with diamonds, emeralds, citrines, and rubies, and like its counterparts the piece was valued at $25,000. This also caused the competition for the sword to be cancelled and the sword was about $50,000. No one knows what happened to The Philosopher's Stone as well as The Crown of Life (the crown that was going to be given away for the Waterworld contest) and the sword. Jack Tramiel (the person who founded Commadore and bought Atari) is rumored by people that they've seen the Swordquest Sword in his living room and


Jack Tramiel. 1928-2012.

was rumored that if he did, it is most likely that he has the crown and the Philosopher's Stone as well. Jack Tramiel died on April 8, 2012, but some people think that one of his three children or his former wife (Helen) may have the last remaining items. However this is a rumor and has not yet been confirmed. There was another reason why it was cancelled and it was that Atari was bought, causing them to shut down the competition.


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